Moving is always a mammoth task, made worse by the pandemic. But there’s a silver lining: the exodus from offices has prompted cities to offer incentives in a bid to attract remote workers.

One website aggregates all the perks:

There are more credits in the works: a Kentucky bill would offer incentives to remote workers, but it hasn’t yet passed into law.

More from Yahoo: currently has 37 listings on its website, allowing users to explore each of the cities listed, including how much money you could receive to move there. Different cities offer different types of incentives for relocation, through tax credits, homebuying allowances, and even cash incentives.

For example, the southwest region of Michigan is willing to offer new residents a $15,000 forgivable grant with the purchase of a new home in certain zip codes, while Tulsa, Oklahoma has a grant relocation program where recipients receive $10,000 and a co-working space membership. Augusta, Maine is willing to give recent grads who move to the New England state tax credits to a total of over $15,000. Montpelier, Vermont, will give people $10,000 in straight-up cash to move to the beautiful state to a total incentive of $15,000. (Sign me up!)