Boise rolled out a menu of incentives this week in a bid to lure more airlines, and more destinations, to the Boise airport.

The incentives program has been around since 2013, but this week the Boise City Council approved a revamped version, offering to cover airlines’ marketing costs on Boise-area media.

To qualify, airlines must offer flights out of Boise Airport to certain target markets — New York City, Hawaii, Atlanta, others — or offer a flight to a destination that isn’t currently available at the airport.

Outlined by Boise Dev:

For a new flight from a target market connecting to the City of Trees year round, airlines can bring in up to $125,000 in landing fees, terminal rent or a combination of the two. The companies can also qualify for up to $50,000 of marketing incentives and up to $25,000 for a second year. These funds provide the qualifying airlines with advertising on Boise TV, radio, websites and public relations campaigns to advertise the new service to the Treasure Valley.

The marketing campaigns must be approved by the Boise Airport before they can be reimbursed and they must be specific to the service.

Service to a target market for a part of the year could net an airline up to $75,000 in landing fees, terminal rent and a combination of the two over two years. A maximum of $50,000 in marketing incentives is available for the first year.

Airlines bringing new flights to destinations off of the target market list qualify for up to $75,000 in landing fee and terminal rent credits for a year and another $50,000 in marketing. Seasonal destinations off of the target market list are eligible for up to $25,000 in marketing for the first year.

A new airline coming to Boise can get an additional $25,000 on top of the other incentives listed above along with another $25,000 in marketing.