The General Services Administration (GSA) wants to help federal executives perform better by investing in the adoption of Technology Business Management (TBM) and the heightened use of relevant spending metrics in procurement activities.

Chase Gunter of reported:

“Increasing transparency on IT spending will empower federal leaders to make better informed, data-driven decisions and provide greater accountability when investing taxpayer dollars on needed IT solutions,” said GSA head Emily Murphy in a statement announcing the solicitation. GSA has adopted TBM to measure its technology spend, and the methodology has been pushed by the administration as part of the overall goals of improving IT-related spending transparency and performance metrics in the President’s Management Agenda.


“GSA isn’t looking to replace or develop a parallel system for collecting TBM data for agencies already using the methodology. Rather, the solicitation is about driving capabilities such as advanced data analytics, predictive analytics, artificial intelligence, robotic process automation, data mining and machine learning to make TBM data more useful. GSA is also looking for information on software and services that support the adoption of TBM, such as data cleansing, data mapping, business process evaluations, business and data analytics and other data standardization services.”