CivMetrics collects economic and business conditions data for the largest MSAs in the United States. We’re posting some of our insights here. In this installment, we look at unemployment and jobs. Which MSAs haven’t bounced back from the onset of COVID-19 and are still seeing high rates of unemployment? For questions about our data, or to request data, please contact

There’s only one MSA in the United States that has a higher unemployment rate today than it did 12 months ago: Pueblo, Colorado.

Unemployment in the average U.S. MSA has declined 43% over the last 12 months. However, some MSAs are struggling to bounce back.

Below, we chart the 10 MSAs where employment is slowest to bounce back:

Shockingly, the unemployment rate in Pueblo, CO is 11.8% higher now than it was 12 months ago.

Although no other MSAs have seen increased unemployment, several MSAs have been very slow to rebound. All ten MSAs displayed in this chart are severely lagging behind the U.S. average.

How is unemployment in the 10 largest MSAs?

As the chart shows, the largest MSAs are generally hovering around the U.S. average.

Below, find a sortable table of all 384 U.S. MSAs, including their unemployment rate at various stages of the pandemic.