More than 9 out of 10 local governments say they need more infrastructure funding, according to a new survey from the National League of Cities.

Bond Buyer summarizes the results:

The NLC webinar highlighted the proposed infrastructure projects that are the most important to the local officials who participated in the call.

Mayor Victoria Woodards of Tacoma, Washington, said her city needs $180 million for the rehabilitation of the Fishing Wars Memorial Bridge. The bridge, which opened in 1927, links Tacoma to the city of Fife to the east.

Councilwoman Ana Sandoval of San Antonio, Texas said her priority is remaking a road on the west side of her city that ranks No. 1 for pedestrian traffic deaths. “We’ve had people killed waiting at bus stops on this road” who weren’t even trying to cross it, she said.


The NLC survey that ranked insufficient infrastructure funding as the top concern of local officials was the result of a March through April NLC poll of 596 local leaders.

Also ranking high in that survey was a lack of pre-development funds at 56%, funding for essential services at 31%, and hiring workers skilled for infrastructure at 27%.