CivMetrics collects residential and commercial real estate data for the largest MSAs in the United States. We’re posting some of our insights here. In this installment, we look at new building permits issued. Which MSAs are most active? How are the largest MSAs faring? For questions about our data, or to request data, please contact

At the bottom of this page, you can find a full map of building permit activity for all 350 MSAs where the data is collected. First, some highlights.

When we looked at the most active MSAs for building permits in July 2021, one state stood out: Florida. Construction crews in the sunshine state are very busy right now.

What does building permit activity look like in the 10 largest U.S. MSAs? Here’s the chart:

Here’s a complete map, with building permit activity in July 2021 for the top 350 MSAs in the United States. Darker, taller icons indicate more permit activity. Hover over any MSA for more info.