New York state is allocating $255 million in grants for the replacement of old septic systems and other water infrastructure projects, announced by Gov. Kathy Hochul.

The funding is targeted to finance the upgrade of wastewater and sewer systems, reduction of water pollution, and to eliminate contaminants and toxic chemicals from drinking water.

WBFO further reported:

Basil Seggos, the state’s environmental commissioner, likened New York’s water infrastructure to a vital organ. “This is the most important infrastructure,” Seggos said. “Because unless you take care of the arteries, right, the body is not going to be healthy. And that’s really what water infrastructure is all about — the unseen infrastructure, that when it goes wrong when you’re not caring for it, everything else falls apart.”

Homeowners and small businesses will have $30 million available to replace septic tanks. Eligible property owners may also be reimbursed 50% of previous costs for replacing their septic tanks, for up to $10,000.

An additional $20 million will be spent on upgrading substandard and failing septic systems in Suffolk County.