CivMetrics collects economic and business conditions data for the largest MSAs in the United States. We’re posting some of our insights here. In this installment, we look at retail sales. Where are retail sales bouncing back the fastest? For questions about our data, or to request data, please contact

When COVID hit, retail sales plummeted everywhere. Now, sales are recovering.

But there’s a huge disparity in the pace of recovery, as some states (New York) have seen a huge 50% year-over-year increase in sales, while other states (Arkansas, Alabama) have seen anemic 8% growth year-over-year.

Below, find a sortable table ranking retail sales growth in all 50 states. We collected year-over-year changes that reflect the drop caused by the onset of the pandemic; and the recovery experienced in May 2021 (the most recent month of retail sales data available).