Airports Council International (ACI) forecasts that more than $2.4 trillion in capital investments is needed by the airport sector to ensure that passenger demand will be met in 2040, according to a new report (The Global Outlook of Airport Capital Expenditure – Meeting Sustainable Development Goals and Future Air Travel Demand).

Airport World reported:

If longer term capacity constraints are not addressed through capital investment, ACI World estimates that a reduction of up to 5.1 billion passengers globally by 2040. That effectively means that for every one million passengers airports cannot accommodate due to airport capacity constraints in 2040, 10,500 fewer jobs and $346 million less in Gross Domestic Product would be the result.

“Airport infrastructure is key to the continued development of air transport which supports millions of jobs and provides social and economic development for the global communities we serve,” says ACI World director general, Luis Felipe de Oliveira.

ACI World reminds us that additional green capital financing will be needed and it believes that, to “fully realise positive economic, social, and environmental outcomes”, innovative approaches, appropriate incentives and flexibility in organising and securing financing – such as green bonds or public-private partnerships – will be required.