After some cities and towns appealed their population counts in the 2020 Census, the Census Bureau released the first round of population corrections in January.

Those that will get a funding boost due to the new population count include areas in which the census had glaring technical issues, such as in Tennessee, Arkansas, and Georgia. Whiteville, Tennessee, had gained almost 2,000 residents in the corrected headcount.

Sioux City Journal, reporting on the status of the filed cases:

The Census Bureau’s new corrections show changes approved under the Count Question Resolution process in areas within Arizona, Arkansas, Georgia, Kansas, Minnesota, New York, Ohio, Tennessee, Washington and Wisconsin.

Other changes are still under review, including some in those same states, and also in California, Florida, Kentucky, Maryland, Michigan, Missouri, Montana, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, Texas and Utah, according to Census Bureau records showing 32 total cases filed so far.

Another 23 cases were filed in a similar program for counts of institutions, such as college dorms and nursing homes, but results have not yet been published for those.

Census takers faced considerable confusion about how to count people in institutions when many students went home, and nursing homes closed to visitors at the height of the coronavirus pandemic in spring 2020.

The biggest cases in large cities such as Austin, Texas; Memphis, Tennessee; Milwaukee, Wisconsin; and Tempe, Arizona, are still pending. Milwaukee is seeking an increase of almost 16,000, which is the bulk of a population decrease of about 18,000 recorded in 2020 compared with 2010.