With the goal of eliminating the digital divide in America, the National Telecommunications and Information Administration unveiled that $930 million will be invested towards improving internet connectivity in the country through the Middle Mile Infrastructure Program.

Through this funding, more than 12,000 miles of new “future proof” fiber optic cable will be installed, existing internet infrastructure will be improved, and related administrative project costs will be covered across 350 counties in 35 states and Puerto Rico. This investment is further bolstered as several of these projects will also receive $848.46 million from outside sources to match the said government funding.

UPI further reported:

The Enabling Middle Mile Broadband Infrastructure Program will help build out or complete already underway projects that grow regional networks, connecting to national Internet networks.

The Commerce Department said middle mile Internet infrastructure is able to carry large amounts of data over long distances, boost local network capacity and resiliency.

“The Middle Mile program is a force multiplier in our efforts to connect everyone in America. Middle Mile infrastructure brings capacity to our local networks and lowers the cost for deploying future local networks,” Assistant Secretary of Commerce for Communication and Information Alan Davidson added. “These grants will help build the foundation of networks that will in turn connect every home in the country to affordable, reliable high-speed Internet service.”