The Environmental Protection Agency has recently announced that Wyoming is set to receive $62,283,000 through the Drinking Water State Revolving Fund. The injection of funds through the DWSRF will be used for the upgrade of water infrastructure in able to deliver safe and clean drinking water to the residents of the state. 

Big Horn Radio Network reported:

“E.P.A. is committed to protecting the health of Wyoming’s residents by ensuring the water flowing into their taps is reliably safe long into the future,” said E.P.A. Regional Administrator KC Becker. “This funding is an invaluable investment in public and environmental health.”

Progress made in Wyoming under the first wave of D.W.S.R.F. actions includes amending state regulations to expand the use of State Revolving Fund grant set-aside funds. This amendment will allow the funding of technical and financial assistance activities for underserved communities, as well as provide funding assistance to communities for source water protection.

The D.W.S.R.F. allotments to states are based on the results of E.P.A.’s 7th Drinking Water Infrastructure Needs Survey and Assessment (D.W.I.N.S.A.). The survey, which the 1996 Safe Drinking Water Act requires, assesses the nation’s public water systems’ infrastructure needs every four years, and the findings are used to allocate D.W.S.R.F. grants to states.