The Illinois Department of Transportation recently laid out its six-year infrastructure plans involving its transit and rail systems, roads, bridges, and ports. Allocating $34.6 billion on said improvements, the budget will come from state’s $45 billion Rebuild Illinois Capital Plan; however, an additional $16 billion funding is anticipated from the federal government.

Aside from IDOT’s investment program, Gov. J.B Pritzker also unveiled a new initiative that focuses on other modes of transportation. Included in this plan are budget allocation of $817 million for aviation, $2.5 billion for passenger and freight rail, $150 million for ports, and $6.5 billion for transit improvements.

As Chicago Sun-Times further reported:

Gov. J.B Pritzker said the program would direct $20 billion of that toward transportation, including 2,500 miles of roads and almost 10 million square feet of bridge deck. Another $10 billion will go toward the state’s rail and transit systems, airports and ports.

Among the details:

• $6.36 billion for highway reconstruction and preservation.

• $6.4 billion for bridge improvements.

• $2.48 billion for system support, such as engineering and land acquisition.

• $1.55 billion for safety and system modernization.