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Albany, New York might see better transportation infrastructure in the following years with the passage of the new state budget – $32.8 billion of which is allocated for the projects of the New York State Department of Transportation.

The focus on public transit and transportation infrastructure is apparent since as compared to the preceding five-year plan period, the new capital plan sees a 40.2%, or $9.4 billion, increase over the state’s investment on infrastructures.

As highlighted by WRGB:

The cornerstone of the new transportation capital plan is the targeted and record level of investment directed toward local roads and bridges in smaller municipalities throughout New York. Under the enacted transportation capital plan, direct support for local roads and bridges increases to more than $6.1 billion over the five-year period, an increase of nearly $2.5 billion (69 percent) including the doubling of funding available through the BRIDGE NY program and the new Operation Pave our Potholes initiative. In parallel, the enacted capital plan provides the resources necessary for the Department to maintain and renew State-owned assets.