The latest quarterly update to the Alteryx Analytics Platform has provided data scientists more options in data visualization. Released on August 28, Alteryx 2018.3 features added functionalities like a Python tool that allows developers to write in Jupyter Notebook and a new caching tool that could reduce processing times.

SearchBusinessAnalytics pointed out key advances in Alteryx 2018.3:

“Alteryx 2018.3 clearly aims to address the visualization gap by expanding an embedded collection of tools called Visualytics, which Alteryx introduced last August. Following user requests for more, Alteryx has added a tool for building and sharing interactive charts and graphs that resulted from a 2017 partnership deal with visualization vendor Plotly. Alteryx users can now also combine multiple interactive charts together and share them with other users for collaborative analysis, said Greg Davoll, vice president of product marketing at the vendor, based in Irvine, Calif.

“Meanwhile, the new caching tool enables users to create caching points in the analytics workflow process. If the process is stopped, it will be restarted from the caching point, without the need to completely start over. That can help reduce processing times, as it has done for Alteryx user Voxx Analytics.”