In a recent visit to Rensselaer County, U.S. Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg highlighted the infusion of federal funding for infrastructure projects in different states, including New York. 

The Sec. pointed out that residents of New York could expect a significant boost of money that will be committed towards infrastructure improvements. Specifically, $21 million in funding was earmarked for bridge restoration project located south of Albany. In addition, $175 million is also expected to be delivered to the said state for EV charging stations. 

Spectrum News reported:

Buttigieg was in Rensselaer County to highlight the $21 million in funding for the bridge restoration. The announcement came a day after the Environmental Protection Agency announced new emissions standards meant to phase out gas-powered cars – raising questions over whether the infrastructure for electric vehicles will be in place in the next decade.

“We know that we can’t run tomorrow’s cars on yesterday’s charging infrastructure,” he told Spectrum News 1 in an interview. “But we also know we can’t turn back clock and remain doing things the old way forever.”

New York state itself is transitioning to more renewable forms of energy in the coming years. It’s a complex and potentially costly change for consumers. U.S. Rep. Paul Tonko says all levels of government need to be on the same page.

“You can’t silo your way forward,” Tonko said. “There has to be this interaction with agencies so we’re all on the same team pulling on the same goals.”

Hochul’s office, meanwhile, announced Thursday $8.3 million for local governments to expand electric vehicle infrastructure. The money comes as a budget deal remains up in the air – a budget that could advance goals of phasing out fossil fuels in new construction.