As Super Bowl 57 fast approaches, there are several things Phoenix is planning to do in order to ensure a memorable watching experience for the fans, including wireless infrastructure upgrades.

Although the State Farm Stadium is located in the nearby city of Glendale, a majority of the supporting events, including fan festivals, are to be held in Phoenix. As part of their preparation, Phoenix city’s 5G canopy has undergone significant upgrades in able to provide safety and fast internet connectivity to its staff and football fans that are anticipated to arrive.

StateScoop further reported:

One “technology-forward” example that Gallego said will be on display in the run-up to the Feb. 12 game is an autonomously driven shuttle — operated by Waymo, an Alphabet subsidiary — that’ll run between Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport and downtown. “That takes a lot of 5G infrastructure,” she said.

Gallego said five local governments are coordinating on the Super Bowl, along with federal agencies, the State of Arizona and the NFL. Tim Roemer, Arizona’s former homeland security director and chief information security officer, told StateScoop last month that Super Bowl preparations include securing physical assets like utilities and public transportation and beefing up the cybersecurity of tech like mobile ticketing apps and video-streaming software.

Along with the wireless connectivity expansions, Verizon’s Hallbach said her company is bringing in a mobile network operations center that’s previously been sent to assist refugee-processing centers in Virginia and hurricane relief in Florida. Hallbach said the mobile facility — which Verizon calls Tactical Humanitarian Operation and Response, or THOR — is designed to ensure that public-safety and emergency personnel maintain their priority status on the 5G network on days when usage will be maxed out.