A recent panel discussion shines light on a first-if-its-kind open source project that aims to crowdsource disaster risk management.

Discussion description:

CogniCity Open Source Software (OSS) is the largest and first open source project of its kind to prove the value of integrated social media and API-sourced data for the civic co-management of disasters.

First proven in Indonesia, the software has now been adapted by groups across the region to address a wide range of urban challenges. Bringing together experts with a diverse set of backgrounds and experience in utilizing and contributing to CogniCity OSS, this session will explore how the design and development of open source systems can harness the power of crowdsourcing to further aid humanitarian response and recovery through a new form of crowd logistics.

Highlighting the relationship between software and social behaviors, the session will discuss how a multi-sectoral design methodology can help shape the development of softwares for next generation disaster risk management.