Through the U.S. Department of Transportation’s Reconnecting Communities Pilot grant program (RCP), Norfolk and Richmond will be receiving $2,950,000 to reconnect communities to economic opportunities by improving transportation infrastructure.

As reported in the Press Release of Mark R. Warner, the funds will be allocated as follows:

• $1,600,000 for the Norfolk I-264 Reconnecting Communities Project in Norfolk to plan for a solution to the “spaghetti bowl”, a 14-lane-wide jumble of I-264 ramps and interchanges that cuts a low-income, 97% African American neighborhood off from access and connectivity to the downtown area. The plan will be informed by community engagement.

• $1,350,000 for Richmond to improve access and reconnect Jackson Ward through the creation of a new bridge or freeway lid that would incorporate transportation connections, public spaces, and opportunities for future development.