Rutgers University is getting a sizeable cut of the newly signed $50 billion New Jersey state budget, with $300 million earmarked to fund the University’s capital improvements and renovations. $100 million will be used to renovate the Jersey Mike’s Arena and to begin the development of a football practice center, $150 million for its medical schools, and $50 million for the New Jersey Innovation and Technology Hub in downtown New Brunswick.

Patch News further reported:

“The state budget includes $300 million in one-time new capital funding for various Rutgers University construction/improvement projects,” said Dory Devlin, assistant vice president for news and media relations. “The budget does not restrict the use of these monies, which will be utilized for university priorities following further internal discussion and deliberation.”

Murphy’s office clarified Rutgers is not the only college or university that will get state money. “The FY2023 budget includes funding for institutions of higher education across our state, including for Rutgers, the State University of New Jersey,” said press secretary Alyana Alfaro.