The Spokane County is set to allocate $4 million, provided by the American Rescue Plan, to the Little Spokane River water supply resiliency project.

The Spokesman-Review reported:

The Whitworth Water District will take water out of the Spokane Valley-Rathdrum Prairie Aquifer using a well near the intersection of Hastings Road and Division Street. The district will then pump that water north through 5.4 miles of 24-inch pipe to a site near Midway Elementary School. “It will minimize the amount of water that we have to pump out of our existing Little Spokane wells,” Whitworth Water District General Manager Tim Murrell said.

“It’s basically a replacement project. For every gallon we pump out of the SVRP, we have to pump less out of the Little Spokane.” Murrell said the new infrastructure will also have direct financial benefits for property owners.

The new system will be more efficient, which will mean cheaper water for customers. Murrell added that the county’s $4 million investment will reduce costs to property owners too, because the water district would otherwise be funding the project on its own.