Reinforcing Texas’ support for the U.S. Military, the Texas Department of Transportation and the U.S. Military recently signed a 10-year Statewide Intergovernmental Support Agreement (S-IGSA). In accordance with the agreement, TxDOT would be permitted to carry out infrastructure projects and buy large quantities of materials on military property.

Jacksonville Progress further reported:

The 10-year Statewide Intergovernmental Support Agreement, or S-IGSA, will bolster infrastructure and transportation improvements on federal military property across the state. It is anticipated to decrease project lead time, reduce civilian staff burden and result in an estimated cost savings of 25% to all participating military installations, officials said.

“(This agreement) allows military departments to tap into the significant expertise of state agencies and local governments expertise that we don’t necessarily have in house,” said Rachel Jacobson, assistant secretary to the United States Army Installation, Energy and Environment. “By partnering with state agencies such as Texas, it really helps us tremendously.”

Texas is the home of 15 military installations, many of which are the largest employer in their areas. Abbott, who signed the agreement, said that by working together the U.S. military and TxDOT will ensure that projects at Texas bases will be built faster and cheaper.