Employers in the U.S. need more data scientists than exist. At least, that’s true for most major U.S. cities.

Cleveland and Minneapolis are among the few cities with surplus data scientists — although it may not remain that way for long.

An excerpt from the LinkedIn report on IEEE Spectrum:

LinkedIn calculates that, in August, employers were seeking 151,717 more data scientists than exist in the U.S. It came up with this number by comparing the skills listed on LinkedIn profiles with a weighted combination of skills that appear in job postings and the frequency at which LinkedIn members with a certain skill are hired relative to members without that skill.

By that calculation, the biggest shortage of data science experts is in New York City (34,032), followed by the San Francisco Bay Area (31,798), and Los Angeles (12,251). There are a few surplus data scientists in Cleveland-Akron (1206), Minneapolis (832), Cincinnati (770), and a few other metro areas, but, reports LinkedIn, these surpluses “are relatively small and narrowing rapidly.”

The full LinkedIn report is here.