The USDA has announced that it will finance six water Infrastructure projects across Kansas. Towns will receive funding totalling $16,027,000 which will come from the Water and Waste Disposal Loan and Grant Program, and the Community Facilities Direct Loan and Grant Program.

As outlined by WaterWorld, the details of the projects that will receive funding are:

A $4,641,000 loan will help provide improvements to Jefferson County Rural Water District No. 13. These improvements include rehabilitating the treatment plant filters, installing 16 miles of pipe, installing backup generators, adding a new well, and creating a new emergency connection to a neighboring water district.

A $350,000 loan will help make improvements to the water distribution system for the City of Linwood. The improvements include replacing nearly 6,500 feet of waterline, replacing 11 fire hydrants and 28 gate valves.

An $820,000 loan and $423,000 grant will be used to provide additional funding to complete improvements on the City of Highland’s water system. The project is to construct a new ion exchange treatment plant and a non-discharging lagoon.

A $968,000 loan and $1,549,000 grant will be used toward improvements on the city of Burr Oak’s water distribution system. The project will make upgrades to the water storage tank as well as painting the interior and exterior. The proposed improvements will replace approximately 30,000 feet of waterline, install 114 new meters, along with valves and hydrants.

A $6,416,000 loan and $627,000 grant will be used to construct discharging lagoons with wetlands for the City of Linn Valley. This project includes construction of a discharging lagoon, sized for 20-year population growth.

A $233,000 loan will supplement previous funding to the city of Nortonville to help complete their water system improvements. The project will construct two new wells and replace cast iron waterline.