The U.S. Department of Transportation announced that Utah will be receiving a total of $25.4 million in grants through the the Rebuilding American Infrastructure with Sustainability and Equity (RAISE) program.

The federal grant will be divided between two projects in the state. $25 million will be used to finance Summit County’s State Route 224 Battery Electric Bus and BRT Project, a bus rapid system between Kimball Junction and Park City. Utah Inland Port Authority will get the remaining $445,00.

KSL News further reported:

Summit County officials celebrated the latest round of project funding, noting Friday that $25 million is the most that one project could receive from the RAISE program.

The project, which county officials say will make state Route 224 the “operational backbone of Summit County’s transit services,” will include dedicated lanes in each direction through most of S.R. 224. It will be used exclusively by transit vehicles, school buses and emergency vehicles once open.

The funding also helps obtain five battery-powered buses and the electric charging infrastructure needed to charge the vehicles. In addition, the county will build two new transit stations and conduct improvements on three existing stations. An environmental review of the project is expected to be completed next month and a final design is expected to be released in early 2023.

Utah Inland Port Authority officials were equally excited about the money they received. Jack Hedge, the port authority’s president, said Friday that it is currently planning ways to connect “strategic locations” in southwest Utah, like Cedar City, to “coastal ports and other logistics hubs across the country.”