Madison city receives $15.1 million in funding to replace its six aging bridges along one of its major causeways, the John Nolen Drive. The grant money for this infrastructure project comes from the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law’s Bridge Investment Program which distributes funding for bridge repair, replacement, and upgrade across the country. 

WKOW 27 News further reported:

The funds from the U.S. Department of Transportation’s Federal Highway Administration grant will be used to improve structural integrity and dangerous roadways and intersections. For example, they will allow for the creation of a separated bike-pedestrian path, enhanced traffic signals and street lighting, and smart technology to manage traffic and green infrastructure.

“I voted for the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law because it is updating our crumbling infrastructure to keep Wisconsinites safe, strengthen our supply chain, and create good-paying jobs,” said Senator Tammy Baldwin. “I am proud to be bringing home this funding to the Madison community to ensure that drivers, bikers, and walkers can all do so safely, businesses can get their products to market on time, and consumers save money — putting Wisconsin to work doing it all.”